The Creamery

Made Locally!

The Creamery at Fairview Farm and Guest Ranch

Our Motivation:

Specializing in producing premium ice cream that is created on our farm from start to finish.
The saying that “You can take the boy off the farm, but can’t take the farm out of the boy” is true for the men of Fairview Farm! Dairy farming has been near and dear to our families for several generations.  Dale grew up on this very land milking cows.  Josh also grew up on a dairy farm in East Canton which is still in operation today.  Although neither of them dairy farm full time currently they have always had to have their few milking jerseys down in the barn.

Our Quality:

We also are a family that enjoys ice cream year round.  We love the creamy texture that a jersey cow’s cream can give a premium ice cream.  Over the years we decided that it should not just be the Fairview Farm families that get to enjoy this wonderful ice cream!  Therefore we have been in the process of putting in an actual milk room for our cows and collecting the necessary equipment to bring to the public a truly incredible ice cream product! Fairview Farm’s ice cream is made with a high cream content and premium ingredients.  We strive to make an ice cream that is unforgettable! With each bite you take our goal is that you will taste the pure joy of the farming experience that we have had a privilege to be part of for over 60 years.  

Our Availability:

Currently our ice cream can be found in pints and quarts right here on the farm, at  A&A Country Market, Farmer Freds, and IHS Pizza Shop.
Two and a half gallon tubs are available upon request at the farm.
Future products from the Creamy at Fairview Farm will be yogurt and yogurt products, butter, and fluid milk.

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