Boarding your horse at Fairview Farm is a worthwhile investment for both you and your horse. Your horse will receive the utmost care, and this facility offers you a great opportunity to meet other horse enthusiasts who share your love of horses and riding. Your options for boarding include either full board or pasture board. In either case, all horses on the premises have a stall, a run-in shed, plenty of pasture for turnout and the availability of water at all times. We practice rotational grazing both to encourage forage growth, and to discourage parasite growth. Each group of horses rotates through a series of three to four pastures, allowing regrowth to occur during the weeks that they are on a different lot. We usually do not have to start feeding hay until the end of October. All hay is made right here on the farm, where we have not used any chemical fertilizers or pesticides for over 35 years. You can be certain that your horse will be cared for by knowledgeable people!

Boarders will be asked to sign and abide by a boarding contract which you can check out below.