“As a retired senior, from the suburbs of New Jersey, riding lessons was something that I had placed on my bucket list, after moving to Pennsylvania.  Taking lessons with Pam Harper at Fairview farms has been a rewarding and joyful experience.  Not only have I exceeded my expectations but I have learned more about horses and riding than I ever dreamed of.  Each lesson builds my confidence and I come away exhilarated! Pam gives me a challenge each week and I just hate to let her down.  My sore muscles are something I appreciate and never complain about.”  Janet MacIlvaine

“I have been riding at Harper’s Fairview Farm/Ranch for about 7 years.  Pam has the most pleasant, well behaved horses I have ever been around.  Also, Pam, Dale, Ashley and Morgan are the nicest people you will every meet.  There is never a dull moment at Harper’s and I have a blast at every extra event they have.  For example, they have cowboy races, horse camp, team penning and even soccer on horses.  I love going to Harper’s Fairview Farm/Guest Ranch and I am looking forward to the years to come!”  Bryn Zionkowski, 12 years old
“Fairview Farms has been close to our hearts for two generations.  I took lessons with Pam years and years ago and adored every minute of it.  When my daughter, at the age of 4, took an interest in horses, and riding, there was no question of who to call.  Now, working on 5 years later, my daughter still rides at the farm on a weekly basis.  The staff at Fairview Farms are wholesome, welcoming people that swallow you up in their hospitality.  They never fail at making us feel like family.  The farm is constantly a bustle of with familiar friendly faces of riders, families, staff members, and is constantly growing and changing.  I love the people that my daughter is with when she is at Fairview Farms and know that she is receiving sound and experienced instruction in every lesson.  The energy and professionalism at Fairview Farms radiates during Horse Camp week, special events, during lessons or seeing the staff out in the community.  The Harpers, volunteers and riders at Fairview have a special place in our hearts and we look forward to years of riding and friendship ahead!”  Mel Blasz
“My daughter, who is now eight, has been taking lessons at a different barn in another locale since she was four. There, it was a group lesson situation, and while she learned the basics, she wasn’t really progressing much at all. When we moved to this area, we needed to find a new barn, and we are so delighted to have found the Harpers! Pam is so patient, kind and positive. She has many years of experience working with people with special needs, and it shows in her generous attitude toward one and all. My daughter’s riding skills have skyrocketed since our start in October. I have just begun to ride as well, and Pam has been just as helpful and patient with my million questions, newbie mistakes, and dreams for the future. The horses are meticulously cared for, the barn is constantly being improved, and the riders’ safety is paramount. Pam’s daughters, Ashley and Morgan, and her husband, Dale, are unfailingly friendly and knowledgeable. Fairview Farm is a gem for anyone with a desire to learn about horses, whether your goal is to compete, or just pleasure ride, and whatever your level of skill. Don’t pass these fantastic folks by!”  Maria Transue